Great Film on the Meaning of Life

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I found this movie to be very enjoyable and provocative. Enjoy a journey through the minds and spirit of others and learn to strengthen your Faith. A strong 9 out of 10. But for the palpable bias toward relativism and Eastern religion, a nearly perfect excursion.


Prayer for a New Generation

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Lord, I come unto Thee in all of my imperfections,
in a world that does not see You as perfect;
Unto Thee do I offer my shortcomings and weakness.

Lord, I come unto Thee with a certain unwillingness,
from a world that sees all too many choices;
Unto Thee do I offer my freedom of the human will.

Lord, I come unto Thee from the world You created,
though I am told that the world itself has all to offer;
Unto Thee do I offer my greed of worldly things.

Invite me into Your Holy Temple, for I seek You alone.
Though the world might give me mansions,
I seek only the shelter of your tent.

Lord, I come unto Thee with what little I possess,
although the world might tempt me with everything;
Unto Thee do I offer all of my wealth and prosperity.

Lord, I come unto Thee with the soiled clothing of sin,
with the hope of Thy provision of snow white garments;
Unto Thee do I offer even my temptations and faults.

Lord, I come unto Thee, my God, my Master, Abba.
Beam through me that I might commit my spirit unto You.
Unto Thee do I offer my sanctity as gifted by You alone.

Invite me into Your Holy Temple, for I seek You alone.
Though the world might give me mansions,
I seek only the shelter of Your tent.

Lord, I come unto Thee, with a deep sense of abandonment,
though I know the world offers no reception for my return.
Unto Thee I offer my want of coming back prodigal to You.

Lord, I come unto Thee, with fear of loneliness and despair,
though I know that the material world offers no peace to me.
Unto Thee I offer my family and its generations.

Lord, I come unto Thee often with my hatred of the self,
for I know the world does not see me as the image You know.
Unto Thee I offer my unique human identity.

Invite me into Your Holy Temple, for I seek You alone.
Though the world might give me mansions,
I seek only the shelter of Your tent.

Lord, I come unto Thee with a sanctity challenged by deeds,
but I know that I find my deepest soul in Your Sacred Temple.
Unto Thee I offer even my dark lusts and desires.

My God, why do I feel as though you have abandoned me?
I know that You do not allow me to be lost, even in the world.
Unto Thee I offer my confusion and hopelessness.

My God, why do I come unto You with my war and rebellion?
I know that You only seek to protect me in Thy loving arms.
Unto Thee I offer my weapons, aggression and hatred.

Invite me into Your Holy Temple, for I seek You alone.
Though the world might give me mansions,
I seek only the shelter of Your tent.

Wherever I find You, I know that I enter Your Temple.
The Light of the World is found in Your Temple alone.

I come upon Your Most Holy Staff, my Shepherd,
seeking only to be led to quiet pastures and streams.

Raise up again the mist from which You created me, My God.
Put me to sleep, that I might always awaken to my Bride.
For You Alone are the Most High – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.


December’s Scream (2010)

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R.D. Ackerman (2010)

Feed the Homeless: Face the Judge ???

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I’ve had a tough time myself over the last year and a half or so, and then I am reminded of the basic things in life. All struggles are temporary, but we should not interfere with the goodness that comes into our own lives or those of others. Some people might call my client a guardian angel, some might say he brings good karma to others, or some might just say that he’s a good guy.

Please pass on some positive prayers and thoughts of support for my client Mr. John Atkins.  John has been trying to help the homeless for many years now.  He picks up a few loaves of bread or other food and shares with a few people at a park near his home in Corona.  We had to ask the City of Corona to lay off a couple of years ago and it looked like they were going to leave the issue alone.  Not so.

I have linked a copy of the letter I had to send along with a copy of the citation issued to John.  He’s an older gentleman and this is causing him a lot of stress and he has had very serious heart problems in the past.  He does not want to stop helping those in need and I can’t really find it in myself to tell him to stop.  The story from some time ago can be found at .  The government has threatened to impound his vehicle and to actually jail him. The statutes being relied on have nothing to do with providing a small amount of food to others, even on a regular basis.

Unfortunately, John has been charged with a misdemeanor for “operating a food facility” without a permit.  (Letter to County and Copy of Citations).  He has been charged by both the County of Riverside and the City of Corona, who were waiting for him a couple of Sundays ago.  He showed up with a few pieces of chicken to share with those he cares about.  The reality is that anyone of us taking a BBQ meal to the park for a birthday party could be cited for this same alleged violation.

I am hoping to resolve this peacefully, but likely have to file a lawsuit so that John can exercise his basic right to associate with those he cares about and for his right to help others.  While this might seem basic, that’s just the point.  Anyway, John’s criminal appearance in Court is set for October 21, 2010.  I would like to file a motion to dismiss the case and do what I can to protect his rights so that this does not happen again in the future.

I would ask that you take a few minutes to uplift John and his faithful adherence to Matthew 25 (should this be something that appeals to you personally).  John is not a self-professing Christian or loud mouth — in fact, he just lives out what he believes (caring for the homeless and bringing happiness to those he may not even know).  I think this is something we can all appreciate. We need to enable the good will that he demonstrates.

We will have to raise a little money for his case in order to pay for court costs and related items.  Any help would be appreciated as well.  If you can help, please feel free to send a few bucks to for the John Atkins case.  Any help is tax-deductible.  If we are able to resolve his case, then any help will be used for similar cases in which I serve as counsel. This one just really bugs me.

No matter what, just your thoughts, moral support, and prayers for him are greatly appreciated. Thanks for the time you took to think about the homeless and those who help them through things none of us would want to imagine going through.

The Purpose of Suffering

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1990-91The purpose of my Faith is not to avoid suffering, but to learn from it and to become better through it. {Psalm 38}.

It’s one thing to accept personal suffering as a time to be tried in the fire, but it is entirely a different thing to rejoice in the suffering and loss of another. Joy in the suffering of others is pure evil; the acceptance of what God gives us is the beginning of Renewal. If another is want of food, and you have it, feed him or her and do not mock them. If you are unable to feed your neighbor, offer encouragement, and pray for someone to come into that person’s life who can feed them. {TheImpossibleProposition}.

The Center of Perception is the Middle of the Universe

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I’ve been giving some thought to the objections that have been raised by those who see anthropocentricity as an objection to creationism or even theism. The epistemological gap is fundamental and cannot be avoided. I can only see the universe through my perceptions and then rely on my perceptions of others to come to what really amounts to a perception-consensus about what truth is. Nobody in the forum seems to account for the fact that even a unity of thought, as to what scientific observations/perception mean, does not warrant the conclusion that the issue of how the universe or Man came to be is resolved.

Name one scientific rule that is wholly infallible and which can never be changed. Does evolution theory get a special dispensation from its believers? Why not admit that evolution may very well be only a partial answer, a best answer, but certainly not the final answer? Until one ‘gets off the dime’ on the position of absolutism, there cannot be the possibility of argument. If either the the evolutionists or the creationists have the absolute final answer, there is nothing to talk about. If there are, among them, those who are willing to come off the absolutism platform, at least for purposes of argument, a discussion can be had.

As Denish D’Souza points out, for example, it may very well be that is has been accepted as a rule that light travels at 186,000 mph. However, no scientist knows whether that is true in all places in the universe or near wormholes or blackholes, assuming these exist. If there is a background noise, we don’t know what happens to light at the ‘edge of the universe.’ The law of physics as they apply to light, for example, are subject to revision. In several places in the God Delusion, and in Dawkins’ Darwin Lecture at Stanford, he does unequivocally claim that natural selection and evolution are the only plausible answer(s) for all that is — thereby allowing him to eliminate one more god from the list of others who have fallen at the hands of intellectualism and science. Nevertheless, he has not, and cannot, defeat the human conception that there is something higher than genetic destiny and that higher thing sits outside of our personal/human condition.

The response that I see to the anthropocentricity objection is essentially as follows:

I am the center of my perception as you are to yours. The further we look into the world the more we come to an understanding of the atomic universe and the principles that govern it. Incredibly, microbiology seems to be coming up with many of the same findings or observations that the astrophysicists are (i.e., as to the atomic structure of all that is and the rules that govern it).

Similarly, the further out we look into the universe, we revert to a principled view of the atomic universe. Under either analysis, we come back to the same place and remain the center of our universe. We are the center of our universe and we always come back to the same place — as we must. Can you separate yourself from your perceptions? What is it that you know about the universe that has not come through and by perception?

Just think about it — at any given time, you are at a center of Earth since it is a sphere. (unless there is a desire to get into a discussion about the earth’s magnetic fields and pole alignment). Indeed, you can begin measuring away from yourself in any direction and will reach the same infinitude in terms of space and time. Prove otherwise. Until the astrophysicists can measure from Earth to the ‘background noise’, the presumption seems to be in favor of treating the Universe as though it is infinite in any direction.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that we are so anthropocentric and limited by our human condition. My own anthropocentric perception is unique and cannot be the mere byproduct of a genetic destiny and yet be so vastly different from the perceptions of others. Again, animals seem to have a limited sense of self and the ability to change the self. Humans seem to be created by evolution, or otherwise, as something completely different as to function and purpose (or lack thereof).

We are each undeniably the center of the universe known for us. Separate yourself from your perception and you might have the opportunity to live the life of an animal. Our awareness of our own perception dictates our ability to strive for change in the self, environment, and a glimpse of something higher than ourselves. Our perception is the beginning of freewill. The question seems to be whether our ability to engage in freewill (moral behavior by ‘choice’) is the result of being created/evolved from something higher or different than the general animal kingdom. In any event, the anthropocentric position is equally applicable to evolutionists as well as the creationists. Self loathing by either side doesn’t seem to fix this fundamental problem.

Absolutism has absolutely no place in human existence where it has to be admitted that human perception, even in groups, is subject to revision.

Evolution: Why aren’t we singing about it?

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If the story of evolution is so explanatory as to the human condition, why aren’t more people singing about it? Music, art and theology uniquely/consistently express the definition of what it is to be human (under just about any historical analysis).

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